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A contact lens fitting at Georgia Ophthalmologists is a collaborate effort between you and the doctor to determine what will be the best possible contact lens brand for your prescription, lifestyle, and budget. Dr. Nayee is our contact lens specialist who will work with you to guarantee you get the best possible vision correction with maximum comfort. Whether you are a veteran lens wearer or interested in trying contact lenses for the first time, our fitting process is thorough and always includes a complimentary six month follow-up.

Basic Contact Lens Fitting:

  • Fitting of contact lens
  • Complimentary trial pair(s) with starter kit of disinfecting solution & case
  • Includes a one week and six month follow-up

Complex Contact Lens Fitting:

  • Includes patients with astigmatism, multifocal or monovision fit
  • Complimentary trial pair with starter kit and case
  • Includes a one week and six month follow-up appointment

Specialty Contact Lens Fitting:

  • Applies to patients needing rigid gas permeable lenses, keratoconus or other therapeutic contact lenses
  • Includes a training session on insertion and removal of contact lenses
  • Includes a one week, one month, and six month follow-up appointment.

*Fees for contact lens evaluation vary depending on the complexity of the fit and insurance coverage.

Contact Lens Care

Always wash your hands before handling contact lenses

  1. Carefully and regularly clean your contact lenses as directed by your eye doctor. Always rub your contact lenses with fingers and rinse thoroughly before soaking lenses overnight in sufficient disinfecting solution to completely cover the lens. Use fresh solution each time you soak the lenses overnight; never re-use old solution.
  2. Store lenses in the proper lens storage case and replace the case every three months. Clean the case with the disinfecting solution and let it air dry overnight. Never use soaps or other cleaners to clean the lens case as residues from these chemicals can absorb into the contact lenses and onto your eyes.
  3. Insert lenses before applying any makeup and remove lenses before removing makeup from the eye area.
  4. Do not bathe, shower or swim with your contact lenses in your eye this can introduce your eyes to harmful bacteria and other organisms. If you do swim, with your contact lenses, immediately discard and open a new pair, or consult your eye doctor about switching to daily disposable lenses during the swimming months.
  5. Always follow the recommended contact lens replacement schedule prescribed by your eye doctor.
  6. See your eye doctor for your regularly scheduled contact lens and eye examination.